Relaxing Swedish Massage Serving Berkeley

We have a lot to be thankful to Sweden for. From the music of Abba to the motoring genius of Volvo, the Scandinavian country has probably produced some of the best music, vehicles and hockey players that North America has ever seen. However, there is another reason why we should all be grateful for Sweden.

The Swedish massage is the crème de la crème of massage therapies. The traditional oil infused treatment has been the one of the most popular massage options among Berkeley customers for decades, and it is easy to see why. By combining the smooth yet therapeutic aromatherapy oils with the most traditional and relaxing and soothing massage techniques, the Swedish massage is the perfect option for anyone who is feeling a little tight around the neck and shoulder region.

At Dinair Spa we are very proud of the high quality Swedish massage that we offer. The reason that our Swedish massage treatment is so popular is very simple. For us, the secret to our success rests very much in the patient approach that we take with our award-winning massage therapists. By allowing our massage therapists the time to train, learn and develop, we can guarantee that when it comes time to delivering a massage on their own, they will be ready.

So, if you are looking to spoil yourself or simply want to treat a loved one to some much needed rest, rejuvenation and relaxation, then there is only one number to call.

The Original and the Best

There are many massage therapies that claim to be the oldest yet few could argue that Swedish massage is one of the most original and most well-known. The reason for this is simple. For generations, the people of Sweden have been enjoying the relaxing rewards of Swedish massage. At Dinair Spa, the purpose of our Swedish massage is to relax your entire body. This aim is achieved by rubbing the muscles of your back, shoulders and neck with long gliding motions in the direction that the blood is flowing from your heart. By doing so, Swedish massage from Dinair Spa can provide our Berkeley clients with far more than mere relaxation. In fact, the health-based benefits of a Swedish massage far outweigh many of the relaxing and soothing benefits that it provides.

Physical Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage provides intense relief from muscle pain. It achieves this by increasing the level of oxygen in your blood while, at the same time, working to reduce the quantity of muscle toxins as well as improving circulation and flexibility and easing muscle tension and strains. What’s more, recent research has indicated that volunteers who received a Swedish massage regularly were less likely to suffer stress-related conditions than those who didn’t.