Deep Tissue Massage Experts in San Francisco

A deep tissue massage is probably different from any other type of massage that you have received. Unlike a Swedish massage, which uses a combination of therapeutic oils and a gentle stroking technique to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, a deep tissue massage is very different. It is also not the same as a hot stone massage, which is more focused on using heat to generate pain relief. Instead, a deep tissue massage is ideal for San Francisco residents who have a nagging and persistent pain in their back that just won’t go away.

At Dinair Spa we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and thorough deep tissue massages in all of San Francisco. Our attention to detail along with the professional skill and training of our therapeutic staff mean that we will leave no stone unturned in the in providing you with muscle pain relief. A deep tissue massage is also different from other massages in that it is usually done for pain relief rather than for reducing stress. For this reason it requires a different skill set than other types of massage. If you are suffering from back or shoulder pain and think that a deep tissue massage might help then give us a call today.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a pain-reducing type of massage that uses firm pressure and slow deliberate strokes to reach deeper levels of muscle and fascia – the tissue that connects muscles together. It is the perfect solution for people who suffer from acute shoulder pain or chronic aches in their neck and upper back. It is also a perfect way of alleviating leg muscle tightness and targeting sore shoulders.

How Deep Tissue Massage is Different

While certain elements of the strokes used in deep tissue massage may appear similar to those of a Swedish massage, the reality is that these two massages are very different. Also, certain massage therapists will tell you that a deep tissue massage is similar to having a regular massage except with deep pressure – this is also false.

Deep tissue massage is used to break up scar tissue and physically break down knots in our muscles that can cause intense and chronic pain. These knots can affect circulation, reduce motion and result in inflammation.

What Happens During a Deep Tissue Massage?

In general, a deep tissue massage will start with the therapist applying light amounts of pressure to warm up and prepare the muscles that will be targeted during the massage. From there, a number of specific techniques will be applied. They include:

  • Stripping: This involves a deep gliding pressure being applied to the fibers of the affected muscles using the elbow, forearm, knuckles and thumb.
  • Friction: This is where pressure is applied to the grain of the muscle to remove adhesions or knots.