Dinair Pinheiro Sisson

Advanced Massage Practitioner

(issued by San Francisco Dept. of Public Health)

Certified Massage Therapist

(issued by California Massage Therapy Council)

Certified Medical Massage Practitioner

(issued by LMT Success Group)


I am an advanced practitioner of massage therapy, specializing in Deep Tissue. Having attended SOGAB, one of the finest schools in Brazil, I was privileged to study and practice at the excellent spa and rehab clinic at that facility.

Since 2007, I have been practicing several forms of massage therapy in San Francisco. In a relaxing setting, the benefit of my sessions is to provide deep relief for muscle pain, restoring balance, in order to help achieve stress and pain free living.

Dedicated to provide my clients with quality care, I also went forward and earned an esthetician's license at San Francisco School of Cosmetology.

Now I am so pleased to provide my clients with deep satisfaction, rich relief and enhancement of their natural beauty.

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