Hot Stone Massage

When people think of a hot stone massage, they often conclude that it is a gimmick that doesn’t provide any real relief. This couldn’t be further from the truth and at Dinair Spa we are pleased that this perception has now changed. For us, hot stone massages have been one of our most reliable massage offerings and it is a technique that has grown in popularity among our many clients in recent years. The benefits of this unique massage type are broad-ranging. So if you are curious about what a hot stone massage entails or if you are eager to try it out again then contact us today. Our dedicated team of massage therapists will talk you through everything you need and make you aware of any other spa options that we are offering.


What Makes a Hot Stone Massage Unique?

Hot stone massage involves using smooth heated stones, usually made of basalt so as to retain heat, to massage deep into your muscles in a quick and effective manner. At Dinair Spa our skilled hot stone massage therapists will generally alternate between placing the hot stones on your body and keeping them in their palms when doing the massage. This mixed approach ensures that your sore, tense muscles receive the sufficient level of attention. The heat and weight of the stones act as a penetrating force to reach deep into your muscles core and act as a relaxant, meaning that relief can be achieved quickly.

What make the hot stone massage unique is simple: the stones themselves. The smooth river rock stones are heated to an appropriate level by our skilled massage therapists and are then placed in optimal locations on your body. In general, our massage therapists like to place the stones either side of your spinal cord as well as between your toes and on your calf muscles. However, depending on the type of muscle pain that you are experiencing, they will locate them accordingly.


Our Heated Rocks

We know that your body is a temple. That is why we always take great care in ensuring that the rocks we use are at the right temperature to be comfortable and effective on your targeted areas.

We heat our rocks in a rock warmer – which is a lot like a crockpot. The highest temperature one of our rocks would be is 145 degrees, while the coolest is around 135. We use cooler rocks on the extremities because they are sensitive areas, while your feet, hands, and torso can take the warmer rocks and still be quite comfortable.

Hot Stone Massage for Pain Relief

These days many of us have occupations that do a number on our back. Therapists adapted the hot stone massage technique to allow for a deeper massage and longer-lasting pain relief.

Not only do our hot stone massages feel nice, but the warmth of the rocks releases targeted tissue more immediately under the rock than without it. This makes for a deeper, more satisfying massage that genuinely targets and releases pained areas. The hot stones also break down scar tissue and adhesions.

If you are curious about scheduling your hot stone massage today, please get in touch with us.

Improved Mobility Through Hot Stone Massage

When we target your pained area with hot stones, it loosens and allows for the muscles and tissue to heal more adequately.

For example, many people have sore or tight shoulders. We will massage the scapula (shoulder blade) with a hot stone by working under it and rubbing around it. The main benefits of the stones are their heat, weight, and rounded shape. Combined, these three elements make for a deeper massage that most of our clients attest to improving their mobility. Get in touch today to learn more about our massage methods.

Using Correct Hot Stone Massage Technique

When you are lying down on our massage tables, your health and safety are our primary concerns. We have spent many years acquiring our level of expertise and have done it in the name of being the best hot stone massage practitioners around.

We will use adequate pressure with our stones. You will never feel as though we didn't go hard enough on your tight muscles. Every one of our massage therapists is a learned practitioner of different massage techniques, so whatever your issue is, you can be sure of our experience.

Trigger Point and Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial pain disorder is a prevalent chronic pain disorder that can affect many different parts of the body. The disorder generally consists of multiple hyper-sensitive spots called trigger points. Trigger points are easy to spot, as they present as hardened bumps amid the muscle tissue. These result from parts of the muscle fiber that have tightened too much and have balled up.

Trigger points should be targeted before they get the chance to settle in and cause further damage. Another negative aspect of trigger points is they can cause something called "referred pain". Tightened muscles then cause other parts of the body to start feeling pain. Some examples of this include tension headaches, eye pain, and more. If your back is really tight and you know you have trigger points you need to deal with, please get in touch with Dinair Spa today and inquire about our hot stone massages.

Cold Stone 

Depending on the extent of the back pain or muscle problem you are coming to us with, a cold stone massage could also be of benefit. While the hot stones loosen tissue and allow for greater mobility through softening tissue and deep work, cold stones help reduce inflammation and swelling, which can help heal injuries and muscle damage.

Instead of basalt stones, cold stones are typically marble because they retain the cold better than other stones do. The cold also helps improve muscle and skin elasticity, as well as helping to stimulate the body's metabolism. This will result in a decrease in pain in the targeted area for a longer time. Inflamed parts of your muscle tissue hold onto toxins that are not beneficial to healing. The cold stone releases them back into the body to be metabolized and done away with.

If you are curious about the ways we can help you get muscle relief with hot and cold stone therapy, please get in touch with our team right away. We are always available to schedule an appointment with you. We will happily educate you on the different benefits that our stone massages have.

Three Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

As well as the obvious muscle pain relief, hot stone massages also provide for a range of other illnesses or ailments including:

Reduces Anxiety

If you are feeling tense, nervous or worried on a regular basis then it is possible you are suffering from some type of anxiety. A hot stone massage could curb this sense of anxiousness quickly. The soothing and relaxing nature of this treatment means that it gets to work right away.

Everyone knows that being warmed up is a calming sensation. When you receive a hot stone massage in our comfortably heated studio, it will provide you with a relaxation that no blanket could ever compete with. Along with warmth, we will massage your back as your worries melt away. Trust us to make you feel better – call us any time you like to schedule your relaxing hot stone massage.

Helps Insomnia

Being unable to sleep can be extremely frustrating. If you have tried to tackle the symptoms of insomnia with other treatments but to no avail then you should consider hot stone massage. Our hot stone treatment is sure to calm your nerves and provide thorough enough relaxation to take you through the day and help you sleep like a baby. Insomnia is a complex disorder, but having a hot stone massage can certainly help with your sleeplessness. Many of our clients fall right asleep on our table until we wake them up at the end. For the most relaxing nap available in the local area, please get in touch.

Fights Chills

Given the contrasting seasons that we experience, hot stone massage can be very useful. The warm penetrating nature of this type of massage is perfect for those who can never seem to warm up during a chilly winter day. Schedule your hot stone massage with Dinair Spa, and we will make sure your chills go away for the whole day. The warmth of the rocks will be communicated to your body and stay with you for hours. If you are curious about our many hot stone massage treatments, please do not hesitate to get in touch and schedule an appointment.

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