Long-Lasting Deep Tissue Massage Serving Berkeley

Do you suffer from chronic pain yet don’t know how to resolve the problem? If this is the case, then chances are you haven’t considered massage as a way of remedying your issue. The reason for this is understandable. If you are like most first-time Berkeley clients, then you probably think that massage is 90% relaxation and 10% healing and rejuvenation. Unfortunately, this is the image that lots of spa facilities in Berkeley project when they promote their massage therapy treatments. However, at Dinair Spa things are very different.

We know that massage treatments can be relaxing, and if that is all you are looking for then that it is totally fine. That being said, we also know that our professionally certified therapists are capable of doing a lot more than merely making you feel relaxed. One of the most beneficial therapies that we offer is our unrivalled deep tissue massage. Using techniques that are designed to optimize pain relief, this therapy is perfect for someone who has suffered in silence for too long. As with all of our massage therapy services, we will conduct a pre-treatment questionnaire and consultation before getting started. This way we can ensure that you get the most from our treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Call Dinair Spa today, and feel that pain disappear.

Unconventional but Rewarding

Unlike other, more conventional types of massage, deep tissue has a lot of unusual and unorthodox techniques. It should be expected that in a typical massage from us our therapists will use fingers, elbows and knuckles to apply pressure and compression to knotted muscles and fibrous adhesions. The reason for this is simple: to get to the root of a long-lasting problem, it is important to ensure that the trigger points are being targeted in a focused and efficient manner. From a technical stand-point, our therapists will use a range of motions and techniques. Two of the most popular include petrissage (specific kneading strokes) and effleurage (smooth and gliding strokes) to maximize the pain relief that we can provide to the area of your body that needs it most.

A Non-Forceful, Consultative Massage

A common misconception that exists in the massage therapy circles is that deep tissue massage is a forceful massage that is extremely painful. This is a complete myth and needs to be debunked immediately. The fact of the matter is that while deep tissue massage can be slightly uncomfortable at times, it will never be unbearable. What’s more, the deep tissue massage that we offer at Dinair Spa is never forceful and is always consultative. This ensures that you are OK with every step of the process—we never do anything without your approval. Finally, like any good deep-tissue massage, it is crucial that the deep tissue part is blended with other more relaxing massage types to ensure a rounded experience.