Best Facial Peel Spa Treatment in San Mateo

There is no doubt about it, the term facial peel is a little frightening. However, in truth, this treatment is one of the most popular skin and facial options on the market. What’s more, it is also one of the most effective ways of cleansing and removing dead skin cells from your face. The results of our award-wining facial peels are visible in men and women around San Mateo who have tried our unique treatment.

If you suffer from acne, dry or oily skin or any other type of skin-related condition then you should really consider the many benefits that a facial peel can offer. At Dinair Spa, our professionally certified facial therapists possess all the skill and expertise necessary to provide a thoroughly beneficial facial peel. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists or to find our more information on this treatment.

Wide Ranging Benefits

As well as acne and dry or oily skin, facial peels can help people of all ages with conditions such as pigmentation, fine lines, facial scarring and wrinkles. It really is a treatment that can benefit San Mateo residents of all ages, and with all types of skin conditions.

How Does a Facial Peel Work?

A facial, by its very nature, is designed to remove the top layer of your facial skin to exfoliate and speed the turnover of skin cells. The range of skin layers removed depends on the peel that you choose and whether you opt for a chemical or natural solution. At Dinair Spa, we offer a wide range of peels that will exfoliate your skin and leave you looking and feeling radiant.

What is a Carbolic Acid Facial Peel?

This is the strongest type of facial peel that we offer at Dinair Spa. The deep-reaching nature of this treatment is particularly beneficial for those who have suffered from some type of facial scarring as well as San Mateo clients who have been exposed to excessive sun damage and wrinkles. The strength of this treatment means that you may need to be sedated to have this peel done. In addition, it is important to note that the aftermath of this facial peel will leave your face very red and you will need a downtime of approximately one week after the treatment. After that it is possible that some facial scabbing may occur and the redness may persist for a six to eight-week period after the treatment. Finally, you need to know that at Dinair Spa we only offer this service as a full-face procedure. That means that we cannot treat small areas individually.

However, the benefits will most certainly be worth it. In the case of fine line and wrinkle removal, it can leave you looking your best for up to two or three years after the treatment. Call today for further information or if you have any questions.