Soothing and Relaxing Swedish Massage in San Mateo

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of a massage taking place on a television show or film, then the chances are that it was a Swedish massage. It is not possible to say if Swedish massages are the oldest type of massage but they are certainly one of the most popular and have been, the world over, for many decades now. Things are no different in San Mateo.

Dinair Spa is one of the leading spa facilities in all of San Mateo and the soothing and relaxing nature of our Swedish massage is one of the most main reasons in this popularity. For years, men and women across San Mateo have experienced the calming benefits that our Swedish massage can offer. The gliding techniques used by our skilled and experienced massage therapists, combined with the aromatherapy oils that we use mean that you are guaranteed to feel like a new person when you leave. In many ways, the Swedish massage is symbolic of the welcoming and stress-free environment that our spa creates and it is clear to see why this winning combination is so sought after. So, whether you are a Swedish massage enthusiast or simply hoping to try a massage for the first time, then you need to give us a call. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Who Can Benefit From a Swedish Massage?

The short answer to this question is everyone. But this type of massage is particularly beneficial to those suffering with muscle pain and stress. Swedish massage is relaxing because it is based on specific and deliberate movements that help to reduce pain and remove stress. The long smooth stroking nature of Swedish massage is one of the key elements in this treatment and this is what sets it apart from other types of massage therapy. Swedish massage also possesses immense healing potential. This is because many of the techniques associated with Swedish massage that increase the flow of oxygen in your blood which can, in turn, treat muscle aches and joint pain. The list of people who can benefit from Swedish massage includes:

  • Those suffering from stress: It is no surprise that many people with stressful jobs or personal lives benefit the most from a Swedish massage. At Dinair Spa, our massage therapists are skilled at stress-reducing techniques such as circular pressure, as well as tapping, stretching and bending. As with all our massage types, Swedish massage is a fully communicative process so if you would like a little more or less pressure, then simply request that from your therapist.
  • Skin Therapy Patients: Patients with skin conditions can also benefit greatly from Swedish massage. The increased blood flow that arises as a result of Swedish massage can help the skin’s surface feel smoother and softer for longer.